A shot from brunch a few Sundays ago. Our lives are marked by routines that help us stay organized, live comfortably, and repeat what makes us happy.



The Kentucky Derby and Emerald Downs

Talk about an interesting place. A couple Saturdays ago I attended my first Kentucky Derby and spent a sunny afternoon with friends at Emerald Downs. While drinking beers and watching people bet on horses, I couldn’t resist pulling out the camera and looking around at the full gambit that the horse track has to offer. Here are some of my favorites from the day. David





























May Day 2013

May Day: 2013


Since moving back to Seattle from Bellingham, between one job and the other, finding time to commit to photography has proven to be a worthy challenge. With this being said, I have continued to shoot throughout this period and have been pushing myself to not only bring my camera along to work, but to shoot whenever and whatever in order to stay sharp. Recently I made a trip down to the restaurant I am working in, Cafe Lago in Montlake, and happened to remember the May Day festivities to take place in downtown Seattle. Without any real idea of what I was looking for, or the amount of people who would be around, I stepped off the bus by Westlake center into a charged atmosphere. A heavy police presence could be felt and there was an edge in the air and how people were carrying themselves. As a photographer I felt excited and opened up my ears and eyes in search of some images. I ended up hiking from Westlake down to Fourth Ave. and Jefferson were I had overheard a big march would be taking place. What I came across was visual gold. Thousands of people marching for immigrant rights interspersed with raucous anarchist youths, dressed in funny clothing, jeering, gesturing and speeding their bikes around police motorcycles.  I began to photograph around, maybe overshooting in excitement, and made a few images that I am pretty happy with. Here are a few from the day. Enjoy. David





















From the Archive: Cat Surgery

Basketball: WWU v. CWU

Just wanted to do a quick post to keep some semblance of a blog going. I am currently transitioning back to Seattle from a five-year stint in Bellingham and have been focusing much of my energy on a new job at an Italian restaurant called Cafe Lago on Capitol Hill. As a result, my blog has once again fallen to the wayside, but I vow not for long! As of late, I have ended my time at the Bellingham Herald after almost a year of interning and then freelance work. It is sad to leave behind not only the Herald and Bellingham, where I have done a lot of growing up, but I am ready to move forward. I can’t thank the great staff and photographers enough, the experience was invaluable.

Here is a quick shot of a self-assigned assignment from a few weeks ago of a Western vs. Central game men’s basketball game. These games are always high-energy because of a long-standing rivalry between the two schools and it usually receives some sort of TV coverage. The large crowd and intensity of the game definitely makes for a fun night of work. This is just a quick snippet from the night and one of my favorite shots I walked away with. Enjoy.


Mount Baker Snow

Mount Baker ski patrolman Eric Nord skis through powder and trees on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 at Mount Baker Ski Area. This is Nord’s second year on the ski patrol at Mount Baker. The ski area is experiencing one of the best starts to a season in recent years, operations manager Gwyn Howat said.

Mount Baker ski patrolman Eric Nord skis through powder and trees on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 at Mount Baker Ski Area. This is Nord’s second year on the ski patrol at Mount Baker. The ski area is experiencing one of the best starts to a season in recent years, operations manager Gwyn Howat said.


The assignment called for snowboarding. Yikes. Recently I was assigned to travel to Mount Baker Ski area near Bellingham and make pictures of all things snow. As of Dec. 13, 2012, Mount Baker Ski Area had one of the largest snow bases in the world and my job was to show scenes of the ski area and people enjoying the snow. Upon arriving at the mountain, I was quickly picked-up by ski patrol on a snow-mobile and taken to speak with the operations manager, Gwyn Howat. Gwyn was great in helping me out and after establishing that I indeed knew how to snowboard, she gave me a ski pass and freedom to ride the mountain to get the shots I needed. Not having gone skiing in years, I must say I was a little apprehensive about carrying all my camera equipment and managing myself on a board. After a slow first run, I traveled to the top of chair 8 and met up with two ski patrolmen, Dan Rose and Eric Nord. I explained my mission and they agreed to ski around with me to look for some powder and get some good action shots. With my limited abilities snowboarding I knew it would be a challenge to keep up, but I did my best. After following them, at a distance, and stopping at a few different spots, Rose and Nord finally stopped near the bottom of Chair 8 above a set of trees encased in snow. Nord said there was some good untracked powder in the trees and that I should try to maneuver below them and get a shot of them making their way through the tress. Doing my best, and falling in front of them, I worked my way around below the trees and rolled onto my knees. Sinking up to my thighs in fresh snow, I set my exposure and got into position for the shot. Hollering out to the two patient ski patrolmen that I was ready, I aimed my lens through trees in hopes of spotting where they would be making their way down before they did anything cool. As soon as I located Eric coming toward me, I began snapping shots. Keeping him in focus I fired a bunch before he even hit the snow pillow, realizing this I paused, he hit the snow splashing it high into the air -click- and I made this photo. Looking through my take, it was my best shot of the day and one that I definitely worked hard for. I most assuredly have a new-found respect for snow photographers. Half the battle is getting there.

Holiday Lights in Blaine

Last weekend I shot a holiday lights/ welcoming Santa type “parade” in Blaine, WA for the Bellingham Herald. The shoot was set to start in the late afternoon and I knew it was going to be a rough one on account of weather and how my camera holds up in low-light situations. These types of shoots are always good opportunities to use light differently and take advantage of playing with highlights to emphasize subjects, which I tried desperately to do. I was really happy with some of these images all things considered and I had a good time experiencing a slice of small town americana. Here are some of my favorites from a cold, wet shoot. Enjoy!



IMG_6078 copy

IMG_6050 copy

IMG_6164 copy


IMG_6122 copy


IMG_6188 copy

One day in Bremerton…

“The present is a battleground…where rival what-ifs compete to become the future what-is”  – David Mitchel, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
This quote has nothing to do with the blog post, just read it today and thought it was applicable to an unemployed, freelancing, post-graduate like myself.

Here are some pictures I took over the summer during a work trip to Bremerton. There are so many pictures sitting on my hard drive, just… sitting there. Why not share some?










Football 2012

Football season! Add another to the list of new experiences in photography this year. I am a big football fan (no team in particular) and have had the opportunity to shoot a few games for the Herald this season, which has been a blast. Having shot many different sports this past year I have come to realize no matter how much I think I know a sport, shooting one is entirely different. Each sport presents its own unique challenges that can only be conquered by experience and the emulation of the more experienced. As far as football is concerned, I have relied heavily on instinct and luck. In the future I hope to work on my positioning around the field to allow me better opportunities to make the right picture. Here are a few shots from a Ferndale high school football game I shot a couple weeks ago. More to come soon. Enjoy!







Ben and Jill

Another wedding update! Ben and Jill are just one of those classic fun couples. They are good to each other, they deeply love one another, and they are absolute blast to be around. I have had an awesome time getting to know them, and shooting their wedding was definitely one of my favorite days of summer. Here are some pictures from their day. Enjoy!