May Day 2013

May Day: 2013


Since moving back to Seattle from Bellingham, between one job and the other, finding time to commit to photography has proven to be a worthy challenge. With this being said, I have continued to shoot throughout this period and have been pushing myself to not only bring my camera along to work, but to shoot whenever and whatever in order to stay sharp. Recently I made a trip down to the restaurant I am working in, Cafe Lago in Montlake, and happened to remember the May Day festivities to take place in downtown Seattle. Without any real idea of what I was looking for, or the amount of people who would be around, I stepped off the bus by Westlake center into a charged atmosphere. A heavy police presence could be felt and there was an edge in the air and how people were carrying themselves. As a photographer I felt excited and opened up my ears and eyes in search of some images. I ended up hiking from Westlake down to Fourth Ave. and Jefferson were I had overheard a big march would be taking place. What I came across was visual gold. Thousands of people marching for immigrant rights interspersed with raucous anarchist youths, dressed in funny clothing, jeering, gesturing and speeding their bikes around police motorcycles.  I began to photograph around, maybe overshooting in excitement, and made a few images that I am pretty happy with. Here are a few from the day. Enjoy. David






















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