Basketball: WWU v. CWU

Just wanted to do a quick post to keep some semblance of a blog going. I am currently transitioning back to Seattle from a five-year stint in Bellingham and have been focusing much of my energy on a new job at an Italian restaurant called Cafe Lago on Capitol Hill. As a result, my blog has once again fallen to the wayside, but I vow not for long! As of late, I have ended my time at the Bellingham Herald after almost a year of interning and then freelance work. It is sad to leave behind not only the Herald and Bellingham, where I have done a lot of growing up, but I am ready to move forward. I can’t thank the great staff and photographers enough, the experience was invaluable.

Here is a quick shot of a self-assigned assignment from a few weeks ago of a Western vs. Central game men’s basketball game. These games are always high-energy because of a long-standing rivalry between the two schools and it usually receives some sort of TV coverage. The large crowd and intensity of the game definitely makes for a fun night of work. This is just a quick snippet from the night and one of my favorite shots I walked away with. Enjoy.



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