Street Photography and Vivian Maier

A little over a year ago I was writing a report for a photojournalism class I was in at the and we were asked to choose a photographer and contextualize them in society by discussing their photographic style, body of work, etc. Not knowing many photographers throughout history (sadly) I was an open book and looking for anything that caught my eye. My mom, who I rarely talk about school work with, knew about the paper and  suggested a photographer named Vivian Maier. Naturally, being the good son that I am, I immediately disregarded her suggestion. However, as the assignment deadline drew closer and due to the fact that I am a chronic procrastinator, I was forced to choose and decided that Vivian person would be have to suffice. Unbeknownst to me, there had been a flurry of media surrounding Vivian at the time and she was posthumously emerging as one of the greatest street photographers of our time, joining the ranks with photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Helen Levitt.

After spending a short amount of time with Vivian, I was inspired by her attention to detail and the vividness of life in her work. Her pictures are CLEAN. Sharply focused, tightly composed, perfectly exposed, telling moments of everyday life, what more could you want? All this being said, I recently rediscovered her work when I saw a story done about her for a live production of This American Life. As a good with anyone else I made the effort to reproduce her style and vision. Obviously I am no Vivian Maier, but these kind of personal assignments always prove fruitful, and in the coming weeks of post graduation-bliss, disillusionment, necessary to my development as a photographer. Here is the result of some recent street photography. More to come!








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