Scribes and Blue Scholars @ WWU

I can’t even express how good it feels getting back to shooting and blogging. This fall quarter was a busy one for me and these last few weeks have been especially rough, as they always are.  I am relieved to finally be relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and catching up on some sleep. Expect a few different updates over break.

I recently got the opportunity to go backstage and take some pictures of the Scribes and Blue Scholars concert at Western on November 20, 2011. I have shot concerts before, but I have never really been given access to shoot backstage or in front of the audience and I must say it was an amazing experience. I sent a last-minute text to Scribes wishing him good luck at the show (we went to elementary school for a few years together) and he unexpectedly called me back asking if I wanted to get in. I immediately said yes and was able to cut out of work a little early to make it to the show. Shooting in these types of environments is always a really exciting experience and just as the musicians feed off the energy of the audience, you feed off the energy of the event. I found it hard to stay focused with the amount of things going on around me and the new experience of being backstage, this probably affected the outcome of the shoot, but I was still happy with some images and stoked off the overall experience of the night.

In the post processing portion of this shoot I tried to do some things a little bit differently. I chose pictures for there feel rather than clarity and left some pictures with a lot of noise because I liked the rawness of it all. Normally, I do little post-processing because I like to maintain the integrity of the photo, but it is always good to be trying new things whether they work or not.

I want to give a big thanks to Scribes for getting me into the show. It is awesome to see the people around you working hard and making a name for themselves. I can only wish the best for Scribes and hope he keeps up the good work and keeps putting out tracks like this one:

Support your local artists. Scribes can be found at:


Here are some of those shots from the show. Enjoy.

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