Jeff and Vera

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to see a long time family friend get married out at Fort Worden on the Washington state peninsula. Naturally my parents and I left the house a little later than we were planning but traffic was good and we had a great drive around the southern Puget Sound. Vera had asked me to shoot her wedding months ago and after the craziness of school and a wild start to summer, the day finally came.

I was a little nervous going into my first wedding as the sole photographer but almost right away I felt at ease because of  the casual atmosphere of the entire wedding. Everything just flowed from there. Having just taken some pictures at my cousins wedding  just two weeks ago, I was expecting something very different from what I got with Vera and Jeff. I was telling someone at the wedding that it was probably the closet thing I have felt to being Italy since I have been back in the US. Lots of food, lots of wine and a lot of people just hanging out together and laughing.

Wedding photography is new to me, but so far it is attractive. I like being apart of a special moment and a special day for people.

Here are just a few pictures from the day. Hope you enjoy. David

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