Forgotten Places

As finals draw nearer and summer is rounding the corner, our lives seem to speed up. I have been putting together a cultural presentation on Spain for one of my classes this spring. As I was looking through some old pictures I had taken in Spain, these pictures aim to show quietness and slow moving life all around us. When our lives speed up and we become stressed, sometimes it is helpful to take a deep breath and slow down. In an effort to post regularly, I wanted to share a few pictures taken over this past year. These pictures were taken in Spain, Italy and the Northwest. Enjoy, David.

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One thought on “Forgotten Places

  1. It was one year ago, when I was so lucky to meet this seattleite photographer in Terni (center of Italy). The sunset was shot here 300 meters from my home. Now “festa delle rose” is started again but we all miss the american. Great job Dav!

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